Brand owner: AH Beard
Lead agency: Mentally Friendly
Brand: A.H Beard
Country: Australia
Industry: Furnishings and fittings
Channels used: Content marketing, Earned media, buzz, Email marketing, Social media, Television Media (budget: Up to 500k)

This case study tells the story of how AH Beard, a 115-year-old Australian mattress manufacturer, overcame being in a low- interest category using a social-engagement platform, the AH Beard Six-Week Sleep Challenge.

Mattresses are a challenging product category where every product looks the same and the buying cycle is approximately once a decade; in addition, despite being the second largest manufacturer in the country, AH Beard was unfamiliar to customers and even salespeople.

While the category focuses on 'feature' messages, AH Beard took a new approach, using the Six-Week Sleep Challenge to prove they are experts in sleep and reposition themselves as a consumer-facing brand, also showing it is possible to achieve social-marketing longevity by moving the relationship beyond Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and onto an owned social platform.

From a starting point of zero, AH Beard grew their customer database to 26,000 by delivering on their brand promise of 'Improving Lives Through Better Sleep'. 

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