Advertiser: Samsung Galaxy Camera

Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group

Category: Product / Services

Launch Region: N/A

In November 2012, Samsung launched the Galaxy Camera in eight key countries around the world. The Galaxy Camera is a superior "point and shoot" camera with Android apps and connectivity – it has all the capabilities and all of the benefits of a smartphone camera to take pictures worth sharing, but the picture taking quality is vastly improved. To drive purchase intent, we needed to prove to young adults obsessed with posting photos online that the pictures they're taking just aren't good enough.

We started the campaign with an insight that photography is as much about gaining social currency as it is about capturing the moment for millennials.

Young people think about posting on Facebook or Instagram before the photo has even been snapped, leading to the common expression "pics or it didn't happen." Unfortunately, they don't realize that a smartphone camera just doesn't retain the vividness of their experiences.

We needed to show them what true social currency looks like. Enlisting the world's top influencers, we helped them show off their definition of social currency in our "Life's a photo – Take it" campaign. 

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