the Customer Obsessed eBook Series

The product and services landscape has changed faster in the past few years than in generations before, with the real power in the relationship rapidly moving to your customers.  Marketing too has shifted from the calculated singular brand message delivered by optimized media impressions to the conceptually simplistic ideas of influence and engagement.   

Today, @@many brands are muddling their KPI’s with platonic likes and self-appreciative shares as a misguided measure of marketing efficacy across their communication channels.@@

In the years to come, understanding what your customers want, need and care about with earnest reflection on why it’s important to them will separate the Customer Obsessed from the lagging rest

@@For the first time in over one hundred years, humanity is quickly and observably changing directly in front of us.@@

 Interestingly,  the change goes beyond the expected demographic and psychographic shifts in behaviors or the adoption of casual trends, it is a fundamental cultural change in the way people communicate and who they chose to establish their relationships.

For marketers, they are openly telling you what they want, need and expect of you more than ever before.  And that is something they care  deeply about if they are going to reciprocate in any relationship.

@@The Customer Obsessed explore data, economics, psychology and sociology to get to an understanding of why we do things.@@

The Customer Obsessed eBook series was created to help marketers, product developers and business strategists understand how to apply data to the social sciences in order to identify actionable insights to guide their companies most important relationships (customer), their most important business decisions (product/service offering) and their most important questions (path to success).

Over the next 6 months, we will be releasing helpful anecdotes, case studies and tips to help you better understand the modern and future state of this revolutionary new economy in an effort to guide your ever-changing customer relationships.  

 In order to compile the most complete, progressive and evolving collection of insights possible, we are looking for your ideas, quotes and opinions on being Customer Obsessed.  If you, or your company, is Customer Obsessed then please reach out to us to volunteer your case studies and thoughts.   We will regularly be adding new content and featuring the opinions of dozens of experts.

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