“16 Trends Brand Managers Must Know In 2016”

We don’t doubt that there’s already been a plethora of 2016 trend reports hitting your feeds. We know all about them  — we’ve combed through them to produce this one for you. With 2016 already in full swing, a whole new set of trends has emerged that will impact marketers and advertisers throughout the year. Everything in the media world has become fragmented, spurred by innovations and dramatic shifts in behaviors. This, in turn, is changing the marketing playbook.

Today, consumers more so than advertisers, choose what, how, and when they consume information and messages. The information overload has caused what Larry Kramer calls the “old purchase funnel” to crack.

Established methods of advertising and building brands are being disrupted by new cultural shifts, new innovations in tech, and continuous granular changes to social platforms.

We pulled together everything that has manifested throughout 2015 and sorted them into the big buckets of Culture, Social and Tech to produce five macro-trends in each one. We explored the concepts and common themes that contributed to these potential macro-trend of 2016 by taking a look at how they’ve developed and gauging the impact on you, your brand and their advertising.

Pay attention to these trends—they will influence your approach to strategic decisions for effective advertising. For us, effective advertising meets three criteria:

1. It is distinctive and easily recognizable.

2. It evokes emotion and appeals to the implicit mind.

3. It drives contagion and generates talk value.

By looking back and planning ahead, we hope to provide insight and stimulate bigger thoughts about the ways we as marketers can leverage these trends to stay ahead of the competition.


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