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Technology & The "Constant Checker"

Look around you. How many screens can you see? Did you include the one you’re reading this from? Did you know, we spend more time online each day than we do sleeping?

There are both positive and negative effects of digital media. A study by The World Economic Forum suggests that digital media improves the ability to learn and develop professionally.

While 4 out of 10 respondents reported a positive effect on stress, health and the ability to find a partner, 1 in 10 respondents found those same areas to be negatively affected.

As technology evolves a profile named the “constant checker” is emerging. The "constant checker" are those who constantly check their emails, texts or social media accounts (43 percent of Americans). This kind of attachment to devices is associated with higher stress levels. Almost 18% of Americans identify the use of technology as a significant source of stress.

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